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Maintain values of Havyaka Culture.
Participation by one and all in the activities of the Trust.
Communicate with all the members and develop friendship
Share your joys and sorrows with other members and develop oneness.
Also share your knowledge, expertise and be helpful to members.
Contribute generously towards maintenance, expansion and growth of the Trust.

Appeal to be 'A Member'

The strength of any institution depends upon its members. More the members, Stronger is the institution. Havyaka Welfare Trust which was established in the year 1964 has multiplied its activities and also expanded its membership. The list of its members not only includes those Havyakas who are residing in Mumbai but also those residing in different parts of India and World.

The Welfare activities envisaged by Havyaka Welfare Trust are beneficial not only to those who are residing in Mumbai but to the community at large. For example, the educational aid given by HWT also reaches out those students who are residing in villages and small towns in Karnataka. Similarly in KVSS Award function, every year a kannadiga is felicitated for his achievement. The criteria for selection is broad based and not limited to Mumbai.

Who can be a member? Any person of Havyaka community who has attained the age of majority can be the member of Havyaka Welfare Trust irrespective of the place in which he/she resides. The membership form is available in our offices in Kalina and Dombivli offices or it can also be downloaded from our Website.

Our current membership is around 1300

Types of Membership

: Patron (PT)
  Rs. 5010/-

: Benefactor (BN)
  Rs. 3010/-

: Sustaining Life Member (SL)
  Rs. 2010/-

: Life Member (LM)
  Rs. 510/-

: Patron Foreign Member
  US$ 150/-


Please download a prescribed membership form, fill it up and send with cash / Cheque-DD payable in Mumbai

Form for Download

Cheque & DD shall be drawn in favour of
"Havyaka Welfare Trust"

List of Members

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Change of Address

Members are requested to intimate the office in writing or through e-mail with their Membership No.