Guru Pitha

Guru Pitha


We, Havyakas are blessed with two Gurupithas viz. Shri Ramachandrapur Math, Hosnagar, Shimoga District and Shri Sonda Sarnavalli Math, Sirsi, Uttar Kannada District. They are our spiritual Centers harnessing spirituality among the members, creating awareness regarding wisdom of Vedanta and incorporating Vedic philosophy in our daily life. In this modern age of globalizations and fast changing technology, our Mathas play an important role in ushering and preserving cultural values among the members of the community.

They are our pillars of strength in building up stronger, cooperative and peaceful Havyaka communities by preaching Sanatana Dharma which upholds truth and righteousness. They have joined other Hindu Religious Maths on a common platform to address the problems faced by Hindus. They have also touched various parts of social needs by conducting many Welfare activities.

   Param Pujya Srimad Raghaveshwar Bharati Mahaswamiji

Sri Ramachandra Pura Matha, Hosanagar

Ramachandrapur Matha is situated at Hosnagar, a serene place of peace and tranquility, on the banks of river Sharavati. Shrimad Sri Sri Raghaveshwar Bharati Swamiji is the Mathadipati of Ramachandrapura Matha. His Holiness was enthralled and coronated at the age of 24, on 28th April, 1999, as the 36th Guru in the uninterrupted hierarchy. It may be recalled that Shrimad Sri Vidyanandacharya was the first Mathadipati in 9th Century under the spiritual guidance of Srimad Sri Adi Shankaracharya who gave idols of Pattabi Rama and Sri Chandramauleshwara. The Matha was then called Ragottam Math situated at Gokarn, which is considered at Dakshin Kashi. In 1464, Shrimad Sri Ramachandra Bharati moved to Hosnagar, which was ruled by Keladi Kings, and the Matha was then named “Ramachandrapur Matha".

Param Pujya Srimad Gangadharendra Saraswati Mahaswamiji

Sri Sonda Swaranawalli, Sirsi

Swarnavalli Matha is situated on the banks of Shalmala River, amidst areca nut gardens and lush evergreen forests and Shrimad Sri Gangadharendra Saraswati Swamiji is the Mathadipati. His Holiness ascended the holy throne on 2nd February, 1991 at the age of 23.

As per the history, the Matha came in to existence in Dashashwamedha Ghat at Kashi under the direction of Sri Adi Shankaracharya in the 9th Century. The Matha moved to the present place in 1556, which was patronized from time to time namely Kings of Kashi, Ujjain, Banaras, Sode and others. Sri Gangadharendra Saraswati Swamiji performs Sri Chakra Pooja of Sri Raja Rajeshwari, the deity of Swarnavalli Swamijis for centuries.

His Holiness is immersed in various spiritual and religious observances and is promoting chanting of Holi Gayatri Maha mantra, Kumkuma Archana, Gayatri havan. Sri Raja Rajeshwari Veda Pathashala in the premises of math is doing well under the supervision of His Holiness.

Sri Sri Gangadharendra Saraswati has also responded to social cause. It may be recalled that His Holiness took Padayatra to save the evergreen forests from the clutches of ill conceived Bedti Project for the protection of environment. His accomplishment include establishment of Sanskrit College, Establishment of Sri Sarvajnanendra Saraswati Pratishtan to awaken people about art, culture and protection of environment establishment of Brahma Vidya Samasthana to facilitate the research work on interrelationship among Veda, Vedanta and Science. His Holiness is also the Chief Patron of “Swarnavalli Prabha” brought out by Maha Sansthana.