Havyaka Sandesha

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About Havyaka Sandesha:

“Havyaka Sandesha” is the mouth piece of ‘Havyaka Welfare Trust’. It serves as a link between the Trust and its members and also amongst members. Every month it reaches the members of the Trust free of cost and is playing a vital role in connecting them.

The details of various activities of the Trust, the information about forthcoming events and the reports about the programs held by the Trust are communicated to the members through ‘Havyaka Sandesha’. It highlights the achievements of Havyakas in different fields and the outstanding performance of our meritorious students. The Magazine features news items, philosophical and religious articles, mythological stories, travel notes, articles on health care, useful tips, jokes and poems. The matrimonial published in it serve the interest of the members. In addition to this, articles on contemporary topics, thought provoking editorial make it interesting to the readers. The languages used in the Magazine are Kannada and English. Members can express their ideas and opinions through Havyaka Sandesha. It also gives an opportunity to upcoming writers to express their creativity. Over the years the ‘Havyaka Sandesha’ has evolved as a complete Magazine.

The magazine has become a regular feature of our Trust since 1989 under the guidance of Shri V. R. Bhat, when Shri V. G. Bhat was the President. In 1996, a new look was given to the magazine when Shri R. N. Hegde, Bandimane took over as the Hon. Editor and the editorial board was formed. The ‘Sandesha’ further shaped up well when Dr. Raghuveer Bhat became Hon. Editor in 2004. In 2007 Shri Vishwanath Dodmane succeeded Dr. Bhat as the Hon. Editor and thereafter in April 2008 Smt. Amita Bhagwat took over as the Hon. Editor. While keeping up the quality of the magazine, the editorial committee has also added exuberance to it. The details of page sponsorship and advertisements in Havyaka Sandesha are as follows.

All donations and advertisements are eligible for tax redemption under Sec. 80G of Income Tax Act.

Tariff for Advertisement:

The details of donations and advertisements are as follows.


Per Year

Per Issue

1/4th Page BW

Rs. 5,000/-

Rs. 500/-

1/4th Page Colour

Rs. 15,000/-

Rs. 1,500/-

1/2 Page BW

Rs. 10,000/-

Rs. 1,000/-

1/2 Page Colour

Rs. 30,000/-

Rs. 3,000/-

Full Page BW

Rs. 15,000/-

Rs. 2,000/-

Full Page Colour

Rs. 45,000/-

Rs. 5,000/-



Rs. 500/-


In view of making 'HAVYAKA SANDESHA' more popular, reader friendly and useful, we request readers to contribute articles expressing their knowledge, experience & talents in the form of short stories, poems etc.